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 Scales of Justice

Business Ethics

Estimated duration: 3 hours

Thanks to the scandals of Enron and Arthur Andersen, classes on Business Ethics were made mandatory for MBA programs in mid 2000's. Almost all schools offering business masters degrees include a class on Business Ethics.

Unfortunately, scandals conducted by reputable and successful corporations continue to current date. It seems some executives get blind-folded by their ambitions and unrealistic shareholder demands to the point they can no longer tell what is ethical, legal or a misconduct.

This workshop will begin by clarifying the differences between misconduct (illegal behavior) and unethical conduct, we will go over rationalizations of corruption, the four levels of ethical conduct and laws governing various business functions. 

The workshop will also address ethics and shareholder relationships, international ethical issues and dilemmas, then close with safeguards to building ethical conduct in organizations.


The workshop is equipped with ethical case studies, two exercises and a group reflection exercise to drive the message home.

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