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Business Meeting

Effective Feedback

Estimated duration: 3 hours

Not all feedback is created equal! This workshop will teach you how to use feedback as a tool for impactful and lasting results.

Giving and receiving feedback is not as easy as it sounds. Research has shown many managers find giving feedback stressful to the point of avoiding it all together. What's more concerning is almost half of managers surveyed state they do not give positive reinforcements either! And for those brave enough to give feedback, they are faced with either retaliations or dismissal of their feedback.

The lack of open and effective feedback does not only cause anxiety in an organization but can diminish performance, morale and innovation.

This workshop addresses fears preventing feedback conversations, and teaches a framework for giving effective feedback. We start by looking at how the mind works and how invalidated assumptions can lead to inappropriate actions. We will address the importance of giving feedback, the dos and don'ts, rater biases to be aware of, and how to give upward feedback.

The second part of the workshop will address techniques to be more receptive to feedback, both positive and constructive. We will highlight ratee biases, and most importantly, how to navigate response from feedback to channel your personal development. 

The workshop is packed with interactive exercises, brainstorming and reflection exercises to make it meaningful to all participants. 

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