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The Power of "Thank You"

This November we uncover the power of giving thanks.

Now more than ever we need to show gratitude no matter the situation we are in. Gratitude for our health and safety. Gratitude for being able to hug loved ones. Gratitude for the ability to provide for our families. Gratitude for our employees. Gratitude for our state of mind.

There is much strength in saying Thank You. Not only does it make people feel good, but it pushes them to deliver more. It is basic human nature to want to do more when our efforts are appreciated. These two simple words could be the most memorable reward for both the giver and the recipient.

As we approach Thanksgiving, this blog offers ten simple ways to exercise the power of giving thanks:

1. Use simple acknowledgments: a friendly greeting, a warm smile, an approving nod

2. Give thanks as often as you can

3. Say “thank you” even if the person is doing what is expected of them

4. Praise people who go over and beyond their line of duty

5. Tell people the reasons for your appreciation of them

6. Give constructive feedback when asked

7. When appropriate, follow the praise with a personalized reward

8. Provide opportunities for good performers to showcase their work

9. Provide opportunities for good performers to help others

10. Be an advocate for good performers

As you use the tips above, observe the reaction of the person you are thanking and take note of what they do next. The chances are your acknowledgment of their efforts create a ripple effect. This effect carries forward resulting in a gratifying environment.

Last but not least, with the challenges of the pandemic, we mustn’t forget to thank ourselves as well. Take a moment to be thankful for your skills, intuitions and decisions that guided you in overcoming your personal hurdles.

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