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Time for Self-Reviews

Now that the first quarter of the year is over, it is time for a quick check-in with yourself to see where you are with your SMART goals.

There is much research indicating annual reviews conducted in isolation do not yield good results. We need progress reviews throughout the year to keep our goals on track and celebrate the little successes towards accomplishing them.

There are four steps to a thorough self-review:

1. Goal Validation

Self-reviews begin with validating your SMART goals. Knowing what you know thus far, do your goals still make sense? Do they tie to the long-term strategy or do they need some tweaking?

Don’t be afraid to make slight changes or even omitting the goal all together if environmental changes deem it useless for the future. If necessary, replace it with a more relevant and beneficial goal. It is better doing this now then spending more time on a task that will have no value at the end.

2. Progress Documentation

The next step is to track and document progress made against your goal. This is so that you do not forget all the good efforts you have put in towards the goal throughout the year. Documenting the little steps right now will come in handy at the year-end review. Use technology, however simple, to track progress.

Make sure to take note of resources you have relied on; resources you would need in the future and how you will go about securing such resources.

3. Development Path

Keep track of any learnings on the way as well as developmental needs. Developmental needs include formal training you wish to be enrolled on, potential future projects to be part of, or exposure to high level personnel and/or company information to help you in your career development.

Seeking developmental opportunities show your commitment to your personal growth and sets you on a leadership path.

4. Positive Outlook

Remember to always maintain a positive “can do” attitude. Be agile to adapt to what life throws at you and use it as an opportunity to grow rather than a barrier to success.

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