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A Little About Me

My name is Awatif Yahya, and I am passionate about organizations that are inspiring, energetic, safe and fun.

I am talking about the type of work environments that make you want to wake up few hours earlier because you are excited about being there and the opportunities ahead. Imagine that!

I had the privilege to be part of such work environments and I absolutely loved going to work.

I channel this passion of mine by offering workshops combining fifteen years international work experience, ten of which with a leading multinational Fortune 500 organization in consumer goods, experience working with cross-cultural teams, a BSc in Information Technology, an MBA obtained through a Fulbright Scholarship and continuous research.

My role as Head of HR for British American Tobacco (a Fortune 500 company) taught me the importance of balancing strategic business objectives with employee aspirations. 

I want to share my knowledge and experiences to help both companies and their employees reach new horizons where tranquility exists between life and work. This is the mission of my company, Awe Horizons.

Let's join forces to make the corporate world a better place for all and create the next generation of super-duper workplaces!

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