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Leadership Workshops

We divide leadership into three main pillars: People Leadership, Business Leadership and Strategic Leadership. 

A holistic leader will demonstrate a combination of skills from all three pillars.

Similing Team

People Leadership

Leadership skills to support, engage, and inspire people.

1. Goal Setting

2. Effective Feedback

3. From Manager to Coach

4. Building Empowering Teams

5. Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

6. Bias Mitigation

7. Handling Crucial Conversations

8. Talent Pipeline Management

9. Developing Healthy Work Cultures

Data on a Touch Pad

Business Leadership

Leadership skills to manage business conduct.

1. Change Management

2. Business Ethics

3. Negotiation Skills

4. Sexual Harassment Prevention

5. Racial Harassment Prevention

Black Chess Pieces

Strategic Leadership

Developing your strategy and leadership charter.

1. Strategy Development

2. Creating Inspiring Workplaces

3. Building Your Leadership Charter 

We can custom-build workshops to cover topics most relevant to your business.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help. We can't wait to hear from you!

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