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Business Leadership Workshops

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Change Management

Estimated Duration: 3 hours

They say nobody likes change, but once all fears of change are addressed, resistance will fade. This workshop will start by addressing sources of change resistance and how to overcome them. 

The workshop will uncover the three stages of change, discuss five common personalities of handling change and how to build an effective communication strategy.

Business Partners at Work

Negotiation Skills

Estimated Duration: 2.5 business days

Think about the last time you bought a car, negotiated your pay, agreed with a customer on a price, or got consensus with your kids on where to dine.


How did it go? Were you happy with the outcome? Did you get what you wanted?


There is science behind a good negotiation. It is a skill that can be learned and mastered over time.

 Scales of Justice

Business Ethics

Estimated Duration: 3 hours

Despite the scandals of Enron and Arthur Andersen, we continue to witness questionable behavior from reputable corporations. It seems some executives get blind-folded by their ambitions to the point they can no longer tell the difference between what is ethical, legal or misconduct.

The Business Ethics workshop will tackle this issue and clear any confusion.


Sexual Harassment Detection & Prevention

Estimated Duration: 3 hours

This workshop begins by defining what harassment is, who can it happen to and where it can happen. 

We will cover three categories of sexual harassment as well as six levels of harassment progression.

The workshop will highlight early signs of harassment and offer techniques for victims, bystanders and companies to mitigate bad behavior. 


Presence & Presentation Skills

Estimated Duration: 1 business day

The ability to present information, internally to employees, and externally to stakeholders, is a key leadership trait.

This workshop focuses on eight (8) elements for successful presentations and offers participants a Presentation Canvas to help them prepare for future presentations.

Audience in Lecture

Racial Harassment Detection & Prevention

Estimated Duration: 2 hours

Racial harassment is discrimination against a subset of 17 Protected Classes. Six of the 17 Protected Classes fall under racial harassment.

This workshop will focus on the six classes, defining who harassment can happen to, where it can happen and how.

The workshop will offer techniques for victims, bystanders and companies to mitigate bad behavior.

We can custom-build workshops to cover topics most relevant to your business.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help. We can't wait to hear from you!

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