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Racial Harassment Detection & Prevention

Estimated duration: 2 hours

Racial harassment is discrimination against a subset of 17 Protected Classes. Six of the 17 Protected Classes fall under racial harassment. This workshop will focus on the six classes, defining who harassment can happen to, where it can happen and how.


The workshop will cover two categories of racial harassment: 1. Hostile Environment and   2. Racial Stereotyping, giving examples for each. We will go through six levels of harassment progression, from aesthetic appreciation all the way to a physical assault. The workshop will highlight early signs of harassment, and offer techniques for victims, bystanders and companies to prevent and mitigate bad behavior.


Retaliation against those reporting racial harassment is also illegal. We will list examples of possible retaliation actions to help companies prevent such behavior, and identify common arguments harassers use to rationalize their behavior.


Participants will have the opportunity to share personal experiences and help others learn. The workshop will also include 17 quick quizzes to test full understanding of the topics covered.


We will close by listing elements needed to transfer the organizational culture and move towards a professional work conduct.

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