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Strategic Leadership Workshops

Plant Presentation

Strategy Development

Estimated Duration: 1 business day

This workshop will start by defining a strategy, and the difference between a corporate strategy and a business strategy.

We will talk about the industry life-cycle and discuss the macro-level factors. The workshop will dig into various strategy tools as well as business alliances and strategic relationships.

Team High Five

Creating Inspiring Workplaces

Estimated Duration: 2 business days

There is nothing like working in an organization that not only you love, but one that helps you grow in your professional and personal life. 

Imagine that! 

In this workshop, we will address five pillars necessary in creating a healthy work environment. These pillars are:

- Leadership Skills,

- Bias Mitigation,

- Diversity and Inclusion,

- Business Ethics and

- Culture. 

Go Team

Building Your Leadership Charter

Estimated Duration: 2 business days

This workshop consists of four parts. It should ideally be spread over multiple days, with some gap in between, to allow full reflection on the material presented and conduct self and team analysis.

We will start with understanding what leadership is, then move to developing your personal leadership agenda, your team consolidated leadership charter, and finally discussing the role of shareholders.

We can custom-build workshops to cover topics most relevant to your business.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help. We can't wait to hear from you!

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