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Team High Five

Creating Inspiring Workplaces

Estimated duration: 16 hours (2 business days)

There is nothing like working in an organization that not only you love, but one that helps you grow in your professional and personal life. Imagine that! Why can't every workplace be like that?


In this workshop, we will address five pillars necessary in creating a healthy work environment. These pillars are:

                                                                     1. Leadership Skills 

                                                                     2. Bias Mitigation

                                                                     3. Diversity & Inclusion

                                                                     4. Business Ethics 

                                                                     5. Work Culture 


By no means are these pillars exclusive, but we strongly believe they are the foundation for positive characteristics that make up a healthy work environment.


The workshop starts by addressing the ‘why’. Why do we need workplaces to be inspiring? What will that do for the organization? And what does research say? We then dive into each pillar in detail finishing with the ‘Culture’ pillar, the biggest of them all!


This is meant to be an interactive, safe and thought provoking workshop, your participation is encouraged and your voice will be heard. We will have mini fun exercises to drive the messages home, and allow participants to share their own personal experiences (should they want to!).

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