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Go Team

Building Your Leadership Charter

Estimated duration: 16 hours (2 business days)

This workshop has four parts. It should ideally be spread over multiple days, with some gap in between, to allow full reflection on the material presented and conduct self and team analysis.


Part one will focus on understanding what leadership is and what it isn’t. What skills good leaders demonstrate, six leadership styles and the role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership. We will talk about three main leadership categories: People Leadership, Business Leadership and Strategic Leadership.


Part two will focus on developing your personal leadership agenda. Participants will conduct self assessments and give each other feedback on their leadership styles. This is the hardest part of the workshop, and the longest. It requires full honesty to have a constructive session.


Next, we will consolidate the individual leadership agendas into a strategic team leadership charter. Participants need to take this consolidated charter back to their teams to get feedback and ensure alignment with the rest of the teams.


Finally, part four of the workshop will address the role of shareholders and correct misconceptions.

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