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Bias Mitigation Workshop

Bias Mitigation

Estimated duration: 1 hour

We all have biases, consciously and unconsciously. Dismissing them does not help, we won’t fool anyone! We need to be aware of our own biases, and recognize when they surface so we can mitigate them.

This workshop starts with defining biases (different from discrimination) and highlight why they happen. We will review the Cognitive Bias Codex, address common bias associations and identify five bias categories. We will define microaggressions and give examples of micro-affirmations to tackle the microaggressions, and finally end with the difference between biases and the feeling of being excluded which is a good segue to Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

By the end of the workshop, you would be able to recognize biases and build strategies for mitigation.

The workshop is equipped with multiple reflection and group exercises to drive the message home. 

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