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From Manager to Coach

Estimated duration: 8 hours (1 business day)

More and more organizations are turning their attention towards employee engagement and development. Coaching is a key skill in creating a fully engaged workforce and productive culture that empowers employees to excel.

Words such as managing, coaching and mentoring are used interchangeably in business conversations without differentiating the roles of each. This workshop highlights the differences and skills associated with each one of those words. It looks at the importance of coaching and how it is used to develop future leaders in an organization.


The workshop uses the GROW model to define necessary stages in a coaching session, identify the right questions to ask, provide guidance on how to give and receive feedback, build coaching skills, illustrate potential coaching situations, and develop a coaching culture throughout the organization.

We will clear stereotypes by looking at past and present views of a coach and a coachee, offer tips for the coach prior to a coaching session, learn how to handle difficult coaching situations and most importantly, identify when not to coach. The workshop begins with an exercise and closes with a coaching skills assessment to take home for future reference.


This workshop will benefit every manager, business owner and/or HR personnel. Although it is built for a business environment, the teachings will also benefit those looking at their personal relationships with a spouse, family members and friends.

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