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Challenging The Status Quo

As the world around us continues to evolve, a mindful leader would look for opportunities to adapt to the contextual environment while maintaining integrity.

Challenging the status quo, with the intention of exploring better means to deliver tasks, is a necessary skillset of a strategic leader. The key in executing this successfully lies with the leader’s intention. Challenging for the sake of challenging will not yield any results. In fact, over exercising the right to challenge can frustrate and alienate those around the leader.

Every challenge should be tactful with a genuine intention to enhance performance. There may be many opportunities where challenging the status quo would be beneficial. Below are few examples of such opportunities:

Along with the challenge, a strategic leader will work with their team to find better ways to enhance performance. He or she would brainstorm new ideas with the team, create room for experimentation and provide necessary resources to facilitate any change in course. By doing so, the leader becomes involved in the process and takes accountability for the change.

Not only does a strategic leader question the status quo when warranted, but they create an environment where others feel safe to do so. This necessitates employees feeling empowered and psychologically safe to challenge.

In growing your leadership muscle, we encourage embracing the skill of effectively challenging the status quo and encouraging others to do the same.

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