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Using Our Privileges For The Good

We all have privileges, one way or another.

If you have a reliable roof over your head, you are privileged. If hunger does not worry you, you are privileged. If you are surrounded by a supporting family; have access to medical care, and access to education, consider yourself privileged.

If you can freely love the one you choose, you have privilege. If you don’t fear for your safety, have no fear of being judged, dismissed or constantly misunderstood, you are privileged.

We all have some privileges. If you are not sure of your own privileges, watch this experiment defining What is Privilege.

Being privileged, or lucky as some might argue, is not a bad thing. We should not feel ashamed of the opportunities we have had or the joy in our lives. I am not advocating for that. What I am advocating for is recognizing the gifts life have presented to us, and look for ways to give back to those less fortunate.

There are many ways to give back. One way is through monetary channels by donating to reputable charity organizations. Another is volunteering for a good cause. Sharing knowledge, lobbying, and/or being an ally for those in need are all ways of giving back. So is raising awareness and educating those around us on the power of putting our privileges to good use.

Whatever we choose to do, the idea is to recognize what we have, be thankful for it and pave the way for others to succeed as well.

It might be hard to give ourselves time to be thankful for what we have and take a moment to think of those who go without, especially in light of the recent global challenges. But I would really encourage you to find moments of gratitude.

This is not a blog to make you feel bad for what you have or what you have achieved. This is a blog advocating for empathy and compassion. Which can only happen when we allow ourselves to see things through other people’s experiences. Only then can we be whole.

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