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The Gift of Feedback

Last month’s blog was on the importance of self-reviews in keeping track of your goals. In addition to self-evaluations, we need feedback from those around us to ensure we are delivering to the highest quality.

There is strong correlation between the amount of feedback received and high performance. Feedback need not always be for “corrective” purposes. Positive reinforcements are crucial to encourage the continuation of good efforts.

Yet, giving, and receiving feedback can be a scary ordeal for some; it is not as easy as it sounds.

For the giver, he or she might be afraid of retaliation, hurting someone’s feelings or not know how to go about giving feedback. In case of the receiver, the idea they are not doing something well enough, not being perceived the way they had hoped, or even appraised for a job well done might cause some embarrassment.

But not all feedback is created equal. There is a method for giving (and receiving) feedback without causing discomfort. Honest feedback, delivered with the intent of helping a person grow, is a valuable gift.

Many organizations are realizing the importance of feedback, and they are not alone. Employees are also realizing the importance of this tool. Instead of waiting for their manager to deliver feedback to them, they are requesting it!

This mindset transformation puts the receiver in control of the feedback. They alone decide what parts of the feedback they will accept. And they alone decide on actions to take for their personal development. Not all feedback has to be acted upon. Recognizing what you cannot do and letting go of it will create space to focus on what you can do right now.

For more on feedback philosophy and triggers, listen to Sheila Heen’s great TED Talk on “How to use others' feedback to learn and grow”.

To create a culture of feedback in your organization, checkout our workshop on Effective Feedback, and reach out to us to discuss your specific needs.

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