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Presence & Presentation Skills

Estimated duration: 8 hours (1 business day with mock presentations)

The ability to present information, internally and externally, is a key leadership trait.

Whether presenting to company employees, to customers or to shareholders, a leader must carry themselves and their message in a way that guarantees successful delivery and acceptance of important information.


Presentation skills require commanding room presence, reading the audience and adapting accordingly. This workshop will focus on eight (8) elements for a successful presentation:


1. The Audience

2. The Message

3. The Title

4. The Flow

5. The Presenter(s)

6. Stage Presence

7. Interaction & Engagement

8. Timing & Length Considerations


The workshop will also address effective use of color palettes, visual aids and animation for a great presentation appearance.


Participants will get a chance to run mock presentations on a topic of their choice and walk away with a Presentation Canvas to help them prepare for future presentations.

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