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Building Empowering Teams

Estimated duration: 8 hours (1 business day)

A Team is different from a working-group. Both have a role to play but are independent from one another. This workshop will start by clarifying these differences. We will discuss various types of organizations and management levels before we deep dive into designing effective teams.

The workshop will define four team types giving examples for each. We will share a formula for determining the right team size, identify common roles within a team, discuss decision making styles, having crucial conversations, influencing techniques and team rewards.

Team conflicts are common, but they need not be detrimental to the team. It is important to identify causes for conflict, discuss ways to handle disagreements, and recognize bad team habits.

The biggest component of this workshop is building your individual and team charter. To do this, we start with an individual behavior assessment, then run a three-part peer exercise. By the end of this exercise, you will understand the strengths and skill sets you have in your team to collectively maximize your team's performance.

The workshop will close with the Team Lifecycle, from development to maturity, and identify the stage your team is at.

This workshop is equipped with case studies, evaluations and a group reflection exercise to drive the message home.

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