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Developing Healthy Work Cultures

Estimated duration: 8 hours (1 business day)

Culture is the DNA of the organization, it cannot be copied or replicated. In this workshop, we will look at six key indicators that give an organization its identity and measures its health.

We will start by looking at the relationship between Strategy and Culture, assess the complexity of your operations, list symptoms of a broken culture and culture drift. Then, we will tackle culture indicators:

                                                        1. Hiring and onboarding process

                                                        2. Managing internal communications

                                                        3. Effective management of meetings

                                                        4. Employee performance development

                                                        5. Handling conflict

                                                        6. Handling employee separation

We will end with suggestions for an internal civility code.

This is meant to be an interactive, safe and experience sharing workshop, your participation is encouraged. The workshop will incorporate mini exercises and assessments to drive reflection and engagement.

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