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All The Love in Leadership

On this Valentine’s Day, as we express our appreciation to loved ones, let’s remember all the love there is in leadership. It is impossible to demonstrate good leadership without love. Love for the people who follow your lead.

Love for the business you are entrusted with.

Love for the strategy that paves the path for success.

Love for the People

Loving people under your leadership means you have their best interest at heart. You advocate for them because you want to see them succeed, and you are delighted for them when they do.

To truly love your people is to support, coach and guide them when they need guidance. It involves creating an environment where they feel safe to perform at their full potential whether working individually or as part of a team.

Love for the Business

Loving the business means you care about its growth. You plan for success and measure progress. Business love requires a leader who adapts to change, and manages stakeholder expectations.

A business loving leader looks for expansion opportunities while maintaining ethical conduct. They show love for the business by protecting its public reputation and caring for the communities they serve.

Love for the Strategy

A clear strategy delivers success. Loving the strategy means you have a vivid vision for the future and can clearly communicate the business direction to all involved.

To love the strategy is to build a strong foundation, to promote a healthy work culture and operate as one. A leader who loves the business strategy ensures they leave a legacy for others to aspire to.

Check our programs for resources to build on your leadership love. Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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