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Thanking Our Blessings

As the year winds down, and with the recent global turmoil, we could all benefit from taking a pause to reflect on our blessings, big and small.

The blessing of good health. The blessing of a calm state of mind. The blessing of safety. The blessing of being able to hug loved ones. The blessing of being able to provide for our families. The blessing of having people who want to work for us and do business with us.

We need to recognize these blessings internally, then vocalize them externally. Showing gratitude and giving thanks can shift the mind to a positive stance and brighten the entire day. That is why great leaders never pass up the opportunity utter the words “Thank You”. They know how powerful these two words are in creating a gratifying environment that excels in all challenges.

Here are ten simple ways to express gratitude for our blessings:

1. Acknowledge your personal path to the present day

2. Acknowledge your skills, intuitions and decisions that guided you

3. Thank those who supported you to get to where you are right now

4. Use positive gestures: a warm smile, a friendly greeting, a high-five, an approving nod

5. Say “thank you” even if a person is doing what is expected of them

6. Praise people who go over and beyond their line of duty

7. Tell people the reasons for your appreciation of them

8. Provide opportunities for people to showcase their work

9. Provide opportunities for people to help others

10. Support and advocate for others

As you use the tips above, observe the effect they have on your mental state and the reaction of people you are thanking. Take note of the emotions that surface and actions that follow. The chances are your gratitude create a positive ripple effect that carries on for days, weeks, months and years for you and your community.

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